Founded in 2018 by Thomas J. Elmore, The GeoNAV Group, LLC provides 3D LiDAR scanning and mapping services utilizing cutting edge technology to document buildings, landscapes and other unique indoor & outdoor / natural & manmade places, features and environments.


Creating fast and accurate 3D LiDAR scans for:
  • 3D digital models for documentation and visualization
  • Maps for planning and feasibility studies
  • Building floor plans, sections and elevations
  • Videos, fly-throughs, and birds-eye views are possible
We can scan open spaces and venues, small tight spaces, even complex, underground, or steep wooded environments. We can scan anything that is accessible…if we can get in it, around it, or through it we can scan it, map it and create a digital 3D model of it.


  • Sacred Native American stone structures • Roads, trails and paths and ceremonial stone landscapes • Statues and monuments
  • Pre-contact underground stone chamber • Construction and industrial sites
  • Cemeteries and Burial Grounds • Forests, wooded sites and steep ravines
  • Buildings and ruins • Power lines, caves and mines
  • Parks, landscapes and gardens • Equipment and utility facilities
  • Campus settings and related sites
  • Airplanes, boats, etc.


  • Our real-time reality capture LiDAR scanning and mapping capabilities are enhanced by our creativity.
  • Our initial product is a 3-dimensional model in digital format that can be viewed from any angle and point of view, in color or black and white (shades of grey). Our specialized third-party software affords us great flexibility and creativity.
  • Lead by a licensed Historical Landscape Architect with more than 34-years of experience
  • Our mobile hand-held scanner creates colored point clouds:
    • Scan while we walk capabilities
    • Accuracy: +/- 2-3 cm accuracy
    • Capture Capabilities: 300,000 point/second
    • Range: 80 meters in every direction
  • We do not use open source software or hardware for protection and security purposes


  • Sacred Native American Stone Structures for presentation at New England Research Association (NEARA) Conference (Spring 2019)
  • Sacred Turtle Ephigy, Washington, NH (private Native American owner -Spring 2019)
  • Longmeadow Cemetery, Longmeadow, MA (scanned 7 acres and combined services with GPR, 2019)
  • Old New-Gate Prison and Copper Mine, East Granby, CT (CT SHPO – Summer/Fall 2018)