We specialize in scanning landscapes and unique places.

We are the first to specialize in scanning, mapping, and documenting ceremonial stones, features, and landscapes including ancient, sacred, and megalithic stone structures.

Who We Are

The GeoNAV Group, LLC utilizes a mobile LiDAR scanner to scan, capture and document buildings, landscapes, and other features for a wide variety of industries, such as historic preservation, architecture, engineering, planning, real estate, facilities management, and construction.

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The GeoNAV Group, LLC creates fast and accurate colored point clouds. Our LiDAR scans can create maps for planning purposes, videos, 3D models for visualizations, building floor plans, sections, and elevations. Multiple scans are registered together for larger environments. Our scanner enables us to walk through and around each subject while collecting data. This affords us the greatest flexibility to scan unique environments.


Our mobile LiDAR scanner utilizes SLAM technology (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) to map its environment and tracks its position without GPS, even underground and inside buildings. The GeoNAV Group can scan buildings, landscapes, cemeteries, statues and monuments, forests and wooded sites, steep ravines, construction sites, industrial sites, equipment and utility facilities, power line corridors, caves and mines, warehouses, airplanes, boats – anything that is accessible. The scanner produces colored point clouds in .LAS and .PLY formats that are easily transferrable to third party programs that accept these formats.

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